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Irons golf clubs

Irons are the thin, elongated clubs in the bag.  These are used to hit from the intermediate lengths between that of fairway woods and wedges.  These are designed to be hit off the ground and have varied loft angles to hit the ball different lengths. The lower lofted or lower numbered clubs like the #3 and 4-irons will hit the ball the furthest of the irons, but may be more difficult to get the ball airborne and hit toward your target.  The mid-lofted irons are the #5, 6, and 7-irons, while scoring irons or the shortest hitting of the irons, #8 and 9, are the easiest to hit.  It used to be customary that all golfers would carry the #3 through #9 irons, but with the advent of hybrids, that is not the case anymore.

you can configure your irons according to your body on our website, we have put  a lot of work to give you the possibility to built your club according to your body, the length, the flex - where you can choose between lady, senior flex, regular, stiff and extra stiff flex. you can even choose your grip size. We have added spine alignment  in the confiruation, to give you clubs that work more equal while switching from one club to the other.

Take your time to let us built your own personal clubs, far away from prices you have to pay while buying branded clubs like Callaway, Taylor Made, Titleist, Ping etc. be asure that our clubs are using the top technologie that is available and the more, buying our clubs you know at the end, which shaft is inside. We dont use "OEM-shafts"" without telling you.

Buy your golf clubs and irons online at

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